IndividualPlace of BirthDate of BirthLocation diedDate of Death 
Arthur Taylor(not set)1898(not set)01/07/1917Go to page
Digby Dickinson(not set)1898(not set)28/08/1918Go to page
Sydney Peacock(not set)1898(not set)08/08/1918Go to page
Frederick Clement(not set)1898(not set)01/03/1918Go to page
Wyndham JonesNewbridge, Monmouthshire189806/08/1917Go to page
John Williams(not set)1898(not set)03/07/1916Go to page
The Hon Bernard Bailey(not set)1898(not set)31/05/1916Go to page
John Hopwood(not set)1898(not set)04/11/1918Go to page
Daniel Evans(not set)1898(not set)26/06/1918Go to page
Willie Evans(not set)1898(not set)19/07/1918Go to page
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