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St Fagans: National History Museum, Cardiff




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The memorial was built of Portland stone in 1936 to commemorate the seventy-nine servicemen from the town who lost their lives in the First World War. It was originally located in Caetwmpyn Park, Newbridge, but was donated to the St Fagans Natural History Museum in 1995 when a new memorial garden was opened in Newbridge town centre. It was re-dedicated on 19 October 1996 by the Archbishop of Wales. The Newbridge War Memorial Project has created a website to share information about the men listed on the Newbridge War Memorial:


"At the going down of the sun and in the morning / we will remember them"

Service persons

Name Rank Regiment/Battalion Date of death
Thomas Abraham Corporal South Wales Borderers 01/05/1918
Charles Beresford Private South Wales Borderers 21/08/1915
Henry Birt Corporal Monmouthshire Regiment 28/01/1917
Herbert Carter Private Royal Welsh Fusiliers 08/10/1918
Vincent Carter Private other 03/05/1915
Sidney Cleaver Private other 26/09/1914
Caleb Coles Sergeant South Wales Borderers 30/05/1918
Thomas Coombs Private South Wales Borderers 11/08/1917
Arnold Coulton Private other 31/10/1918
William Curnuck Private other 26/04/1917
James Dallow Private South Wales Borderers 31/07/1917
David Dart Private South Wales Borderers 29/10/1916
Albert Davies Private South Wales Borderers 24/08/1917
David Davies Private South Wales Borderers 08/05/1916
John Davies other other 25/05/1918
William Davies Private other 25/04/1918
Edwin Evans Private other 15/09/1916
Albert Hillier Private South Wales Borderers 24/08/1916
Frederick Hillier Private Monmouthshire Regiment 18/07/1917
Alfred Durbin Private South Wales Borderers 10/11/1917
Lancelot Edge Able Seaman other 23/04/1917
Frederick Ellway Sergeant Monmouthshire Regiment 02/05/1915
John Evans Private South Wales Borderers 28/05/1918
Edwin German Private Welsh Regiment 25/05/1915
Mostyn Gough Private other 13/11/1916
Alfred Grimes Sergeant South Wales Borderers 13/04/1917
Jonathan Jackson Sergeant Monmouthshire Regiment 01/07/1916
Arthur Harvey Lance Corporal other 03/05/1917
Wyndham Jones Lance Corporal Monmouthshire Regiment 06/08/1917
Henry Lewis Able Seaman other 28/05/1918
Edwin Llewellyn Humphreys Private South Wales Borderers 06/02/1916
Charles James Corporal other 25/10/1918
William Lander Sergeant South Wales Borderers 15/04/1918
Daniel Murphy Bombardier other 08/08/1918
Ambrose Newman Private South Wales Borderers 12/04/1918
James Newman Private Welsh Regiment 11/10/1918
Herbert Noble Private South Wales Borderers 18/09/1918
John Owen Private South Wales Borderers 09/10/1915
Alfred Salmon Private South Wales Borderers 31/07/1917