More detailed guidelines about how to create memorial and biography records can be found in Resources


What counts as a memorial?

A memorial can be any type of statue, structure or thing established to remind us of the First World War and/or the people who experienced it. This could include, for example:

  • a statue on a village green;
  • a stained glass window in a local Church or Chapel;
  • a grave stone;
  • a park bench;
  • lists of names engraved, carved or printed onto a board, tablet or paper;
  • or,
  • any other type of memorial you can find that remembers the First World War in some way.


Why are some memorials there, but not others?

The list of memorials is not complete. We are aware that there are many, many more that still need to be added. Some of the memorials have been taken from the database of the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historic Monuments of Wales. Others have been added by Wales at War volunteers. If the memorial you’re searching for is missing, you can add it once you’ve registered and logged in.


What if I can’t fill many fields in the biography?

Don’t worry! Any field you can fill in is valuable and will help us to build a better picture of the people who gave their lives as a result of the War. Only 4 fields are compulsory: forename (or initial), surname, the memorial in Wales that they appear on, and a link to their Commonwealth War Graves Commission record.


Why do I need to link to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission record when I’m creating a biography?

We ask you to link to the person’s online record on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website to try and make sure that our database is as correct as possible. Sometimes a person may appear on more than one memorial, or there might be two ‘John Jones’ listed on the same memorial. The link to the CWGC record means that we can avoid the same person being added more than once. It can also help us to differentiate between both ‘John Jones’.


What will happen to my biography once it’s published?

Once your biography has been published it will be available for everyone using the Wales at War website to see.

If you have any further questions, please contact the project using the Contact Us page.

Thank you!
Wales at War project team