Battle of Mons

23rd August 1914

The battle of Mons was fought between the British and German armies and was the first major battle fought by the British in the war.

Among the British forces, the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers saw their first fighting in France at Mons. In all, 80,000 soldiers from Welsh battalions saw action at Mons.

The British did well in the battle but the German Army had more soldiers so the British were eventually forced to retreat.

Among Royal Welsh Fusiliers serving at Mons was Private Robert Lloyd Davies from Bala.

‘I have seen much in these dangerous battles. Seeing the Belgian women and small children fleeing their comfortable homes that were torched and in ruins was heart wrenching. These wretched images are enough to make the most inconsiderate man realise the monstrosity of the situation.’

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