Eastern Front

The Russian Army was pushed back in many places in 1915.

In February, German Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg launched a pincer attack in Prussia to try and surround the Russian army there. The Russians just about escaped but had to retreat about 70 miles. The Germans took 90,000 prisoners during this battle, which was called the Second Battle of the Maurasian Lakes.

The Russians weren't doing well in Galicia or Poland either. The Germans launched an offensive called Gorlice- Tarnow in May, with help from the Austro-Hungarians. Meanwhile in Poland the German Army got closer and closer to the city of Warsaw.

Altogether in 1915 on the Eastern Front, the Russians were pushed back about 300 miles.

The Russian crew of a howitzer gun. Howitzers were used against fortified places. Here the Russians are attacking the Austro-Hungarian fortress of Przemysl.