Fighting on the Italian Front took place mostly along the Isonzo River and in the Trentino Region. The terrain in these areas was often extreme and soldiers found themselves fighting high up in the snow-covered Alps.


Italy was neutral at first but the Allies persuaded them to join the war in 1915. Italy then launched a series of campaigns against the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


The Italian Front began in 1915 when Italy joined the war and continued until the Italian victory in the Battle of Vittorio Veneto caused the Austro-Hungarian forces to crumble.


Fighting on the Italian Front was primarily between the Italian and Austro-Hungarian forces. However, German forces were sent to reinforce the Austro-Hungarians and British, French and American troops joined forces with the Italians to push back the Central Powers.


Their participation in the war left Italy in severe financial difficulties. This crisis contributed to the rise of fascism and by 1925 the fascist leader Benito Mussolini had harnessed the anger and growing nationalism in the country and created a fascist dictatorship.