Kinmel Park

Frustrations among British Empire soldiers boil over at Kinmel Park.

At the end of the war, hundreds of thousands of British Empire soldiers found themselves still far away from home. Getting them all back to their home countries was a huge task.

Kinmel Park near Abergele was used as a transit camp for Canadian soldiers. By 1919 about 15,000 soldiers were housed there in very basic conditions. Their sleeping quarters were cramped, they were existing on poor rations and they were angered by news that the ships intended to take them home had been used to take American soldiers home instead.

In the early hours of 4th March a riot started in the camp. The rioting lasted until the 5th March and five men were killed - three rioters and two guards. 78 men were arrested for their part in the riots.

Worried about how it would look, the military authorities tried to keep the event quiet.