On 25th April 1915 thousands of Allied soldiers land at Gallipoli but there are too many casualties.

30,000 soldiers including men from Britain, France, Australia and New Zealand arrived at Gallipoli on the first day of the attack and had to fight their way to shore. The landings were confused and the Turkish soldiers fought hard to stop the Allies from getting across the beaches. About one third of the soldiers who landed at Gallipoli on 25th April 1915 were either dead or injured by the end of the day. A terrible result.

The soldiers then had to defend their positions on the Gallipoli peninsula. As on the Western Front they dug trenches. They tried to attack important Turkish positions but they suffered heavy casualties for very little progress. They needed help.

Supplies arriving in Gallipoli. In the background you can see the tents of the Allied camp.

Turkish prisoners behind a barbed wire fence at Gallipoli. Look at the sandy ground - such different conditions compared to the Western Front but no less difficult to fight in.