5th December 1916

Prime Minister Herbert Asquith resigns and is replaced by David Lloyd George.

By the end of 1916 Prime Minister Asquith's government was unpopular with the British people. They blamed him for the poor progress on the Western Front and they thought he was weak.

David Lloyd George was the opposite. He was a strong character and followed through on his decisions with certainty and determination. In December 1916 Lloyd George, with support from important figures in government and in the press, forced Asquith out and took over as Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Lloyd George made big changes to the way the war was run and made strong contributions to war strategy. He understood that this was a ‘total war’, and that all the resources of Britain and the Empire had to be harnessed in order to secure victory.

In Wales, this news was received with excitement. Typical was the reaction of the Herald of Wales, which declared: ‘Gallant little Wales cannot but feel a thrill of pride in the supreme honour and responsibility conferred by his Majesty, in this critical hour, on the Right Hon. David Lloyd George. There is no better known man in Wales, or, for that matter, in the United Kingdom’.

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David Lloyd George was born in Manchester to Welsh parents.