Far East

Japan was on the Allied side in World War One. The country didn’t want to get involved in the war in Europe but helped the Allies in Asia.

Germany had control of a port in China called Tsingtao. When war broke out Japan told Germany they had to leave Tsingtao. When they refused, Japan declared war on Germany and prepared to attack the port.

Britain was pleased that Japan was helping but also worried about the country's ambitions to increase their presence in China. So Britain decided to send some troops of their own to be there when Japan attacked Tsingtao.

The Welsh soldiers, with the Japanese, laid siege to the port for a week and then attacked. The port surrendered quickly.

14 soldiers from the South Wales Borderers were killed or died of disease. They are the only regiment in the British Army to hold the Tsingtao battle honour.

Damage to the port of Tsingtao during the Japanese attack.